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mm wrote:
> Is there a brand that produces vegan pianos?
> Felt is used on the hammers and key beds, and also the glue and other parts
> might not be vegan.
> So is there any brand or am i doomed with the digital pianos all of my life
> :) I don't even know if they are vegan.
> Thanks.
> (By: VeganGains)

No acoustic piano is vegan at all. You're 100% right about the felt, which disqualifies the instrument immediately. Good point also on the glue: some pianos will use a bone- or fish-glue for affixing the hammers to the shanks. There could also be leather bushings or small leather straps in your piano.

To further dim the picture, some new digital pianos are being made with these natural and animal parts in order to feel more authentic.

The piano industry is remarkably resistant to change and those on the design end of pianos tend to be quite skeptical of new technology. This is because the "old" (current) technology works extremely well for the production of sound and artistic expression. Some companies are on the vanguard, however, using carbon fiber and plastics in place of venerable wood. I imagine someday, with the advance of better synthetics, some makers or rebuilders will look to replace leather and felt...but that will take a while.

I am not a vegan, but I understand your concern -- my personal line is at ivory; there will never be a piano with ivory in my home on ethical grounds. If you are somehow thinking of an acoustic piano, purchase a used one; in this way, you won't be contributing to a current market dynamic that can result in the death of now-living animals for manufacture of a piano.

(By: Pickles)

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