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Let me answer a question with a question. Which is better for the animals, a vegetarian or person that is vegan except that they use leather shoes, items with wool, or someone that just gives up and goes back to eating flesh? In my opinion it is far better for the animals for a vegan to use items with animal products. If it really bothers you to use anything with animal or animal bi-products than think about buying used. For many years after becoming a vegan I continues using the leather belts that I already had and I bought USED leather shoes. I still buy many things from thrift shops but I stay away from wool, leather, and other things that harm animals.

So what I am trying to get at, it is far better to be an almost pure vegan than to not be a vegan. It is better to be a vegetarian than a flesh eater. Anything that you can do for the animals is a wonder gift to the animals. So please just do your best and do not worry about being a "pure" vegan. I really doubt that there is such a thing as a pure vegan.

Thank you for your decision to become a vegan.


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