Re: Question: Vegans and Protein

> Hello, I am currently writting a paper on the protein aspect of becoming a
> vegan. I was hoping that you could fill in some blury spots starting with,
> is protein really as essential as the media says it is? Also what are some
> good vegan ways to get protein? How do you personally feel (with your
> health) after becoming vegan? How much protein should you get daily? Thanks
> a million!
> (By: Hunter Rose Teal)

I would watch the documentary forks over knifes, it talks about protein a lot. But all plants have protein, all animals need it. For example cows are full of muscle yet get it by eating grass so that grass must have protein! Did you know tgeir is a ufc champion who is vegan? Just eating plants he's stronge lean and has mostly all muscle. So we don't need as much protein as you think. Maybe no more than 10%

(By: Kristin)

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