Question: I've been vegan almost 3 weeks and I've gained weight!

I went to a vegan diet almost 3 weeks ago and I'm confussed because I've actually gained weight! About 5 pounds. I've been reading that it could be my body is having a hard time breaking down the greens because I've been so gassy and bloated almost everyday.(it's going to get graffic sorry) Also my stool hasn't been solid and doesn't seem to look like it's been properly digested. I've started drinking more water with lemon, I heard applecider vinegar should also help but I have yet to try it. I've had a headache which could be trying to kick my coffee habit these last couple days but seeing your body put on weight when you've never eaten healthier in your life is so depressing. I'm thinking of doing a fast to clear out everything and try over or should I avoid certain foods for right now? I don't know what to do please help!Thank you for your help! And sorry about the gross factor. I've emailed a couple doctors but haven't gotten word back yet and my family doctor isn't an expert in nutrition :(
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Re: Question: I've been vegan almost 3 weeks and I've gained weight!

Hi Kristin,
Unfortunately most doctors don't know a lot about nutrition because it's just not part of their training, so they won't be much help. (Their training focuses on diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.)

Vegan food is not necessarily health food because there are lots of vegan junk foods. Sugars and lots of oils are vegan too. There are lots of refined foods that are vegan too. (Oreo cookies, french fries, and potato chips are all vegan.) Animal products are not good for us, but other foods can also be unhealthy.

Try to make sure that you are eating lots of whole foods rather than refined and processed foods - and try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. If you have some vegan friends and they look healthy, ask them for some healthy and yummy recipes.

You might need a nutritionist or dietician to have a look at your diet and offer some ideas for making your diet healthier. Check also this website from vegan dietician Jack Norris: A lot of what you need to do is to learn how to replace unhealthy foods with new favourites.

Good luck!
(By: Marco)

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