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Hello Lori,

The best vegan food is the kind that is not trying to imitate other foods. Usually the problem with those foods is that they can never taste "exactly" like the non-vegan counterpart.

There is no non-dairy milk that will taste like cow milk - just like there is nothing that tastes exactly like lemons. For the non-dairy milks, I just look at each of them as an independent beverage instead of milk substitute.

Just try lots of vegan foods until you find ones you like.

For the milks, there are quite a lot if you live in a big city: soy, almond, rice, hemp, oat, or coconut - or make your own cashew milk.

To replace meat, just eat dishes which never had (or don't need) meat in the dish in the first place. The website has tons of great vegan recipes. Also two awesome books for the vegan kitchen are Veganomicon and How It All Vegan. If you get recipes from pro vegan chefs, you will find so many delicious dishes that you won't be looking for meat substitutes any more :-)

It's pretty easy once you get started. Keep trying out new vegan recipes and you'll slowly expand your repertoire of recipes you like. Also, join a local vegan club that gets together for potlucks. You can learn a lot of recipes from other vegans.

Enjoy exploring vegan cuisine!

> I am thinking of switching to a vegan diet, but I don't like the texture of meat substitutes like veggie burgers etc. I also do not like the taste of soy milk etc. I could use almond milk for smoothies and baking. So my question is, is it necessary to eat/drink alternatives to meat and dairy?
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