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I'm not sure about calorie intakes, maybe 1400 or even less to accelerate weight loss. When counting calories, I wouldn't even concern yourself with the quantity of vegetables, or even fruits, that you are consuming. For your morning drink, it would be great to add some fruit in a blender, maybe a few greens (kale, if you have a powerful blender), and there is an awesome product called Vega that will give you a high quality and good amount of protein and this will sustain you throughout the morning. I use a banana, some frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, and some raw cacao with a bit of kale and the vega. Yum! If you have never used vega just start out with a smaller quantity until you are sure you like it. The banana and strawberries make it sweet.

Keep in mind that slower weight loss is better for the body and you don't want to detox too quickly as you might not feel as good day-to-day throughout the detox period. It sounds like you're doing okay. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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