Re: Question: How can I become a vegan without increasing our food budget

The great thing about vegan food is that anyone can eat it regardless of whether or not they are vegan. Your husband and son already eat things that are vegan, but they just don't label those foods that way.

It used to be that vegan food was considered to be tasteless or funny-tasting but those days are long gone. If you are doing the cooking, as long as you make your meals very tasty, they'll be happy. Try the recipes at or in the book Veganomicon. You could also try veganizing their favourite dishes. Most of them will pretty much taste the same.

> I want to become a vegan, but my husband and 17 year old son don't. we cannot afford to increase our food budget so that I can do this, any ideas?
> (By: Denise)

(By: Marco)

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