Re: Question: Which beans do I have to soak before I incorporate them into a recipe?

> I want to try and make some different kinds of lentils. I am new to the
> vegan community but I have always been mainly a vegetable and fruit eater
> in general. I want to buy my foods raw and make a good lentil soup/dish.
> Can anyone give me a good recipe with nice instructions on what beans are
> good/how to prepare them? I can use all the help I can get. Thanks.
> (By: Ashley)

Hi Ashley,
I have spent over ten years creating vegan recipes. You can find many bean recipes and how to cook beans from scratch at my free recipe website.

Be sure to check out the recipe index. Below is the link to instructions for cooking legumes.

The Red Lentil Soup recipe is really delicious!

How to Cook Legumes:

I also have a recipe ebook available that has even more recipes. Here is the link:

Hope that helps.


(By: Susan Lowry)

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