Re: Question: Veganism in Relation to Equalization of Animal Populations

It is not moral to kill wolves to protect deer populations. If these populations are fouled up, it's because humans interfered with the populations to begin with. Wolves and deers had a healthy balance for many thousands of years before humans started tinkering with them. The best thing humans can do is leave them alone. Also, humans cannot easily determine who is the sick, old or weak. Wolf and deer populations stay fit and strong when nature thins them out. When humans do the thinning, humans typically kill the stronger members thereby weakening their populations. Veganism is about leaving nonhumans alone.

> I am wondering if you can either answer or direct me to information
> regarding the vegan perspective on hunting to equalize animal populations.
> In a class discussion, an individual questioned if hunting animals in order
> to help preserve other animal populations was moral [ex: killing wolves
> (the predator) to preserve deer (the prey)]. I did not have a response and
> would like to gain more information on the vegan perspective toward this
> situation. Any information would be much appreciated.
> (By: Dan )

(By: Jerry Friedman)

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