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rocketkoala wrote:
> Hi!
> Some vegans who accidentally eat meat have some intestinal distress.
> Others don't have any problem. Either way, eating some meat won't cause
> any permanent damage.
> Don't forget to make sure your little one is getting enough Calcium, B12,
> and other nutrients.

Ahhh thank you for the great reply!. Funny thing is little man has had some digestive issues that I have observed recently. However after taking him off meat, such issues have come to a halt :). I sometimes get paranoid though, that he isn't getting enough nutrients, although I am sure he is. But if somebody out there has a good menu templet with meal suggestions please send them my way. Also big question where can I find b12 vitamins for both myself and my son. That are vegan friendly :)

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Re: Question: Toddlers and veganism

I know Deva, Quest, and Vega make vegan B12. Solgar looks vegan as well.

Here are a few resources for vegan toddlers:

And two message boards:

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