I have been vegan for almost a year... I have been using soy milk and almond milk... but uts about a week that i feel my teeth condition has changed a lot... and I'm really scared... :(
whats your suggestion?
(By: Chloe)

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That does not make sense. There is no reason that a good vegan diet would cause a problem with your teeth. What exactly is the "teeth condition" that you are talking about?

With that said I have to add one more thing. When I said that there is no reason that a vegan diet would cause that problem, I have to qualify that statement. Since you said that you have been drinking soy and almond milk I made the asumption that you had a good vegan diet. If that is not the case then almost anything could happen. A junk vegan diet is one of the worse diets that anyone could have. It is even worse than a junk SAD (Standard American Diet). On the other hand a good vegan diet is probably the best diet that anyone can have.

The only thing that a vegan needs to supplement is B-12. The rest can be had with a good vegan diet. Almost every medical doctor today asks people to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables. Well, vegans with a good diet will eat far more of these than a flesh eater will. So we are far better off in this area.

Please check your diet carefully and if you are eating a junk vegan diet or not taking a B-12 supplement, then make some changes right away. A junk vegan diet will cause you all kinds of medical problems. Many young vegans today do not eat a well balanced vegan diet. Please eat well and if you need help just ask. We will give you free solid advice.
(By: Doc)

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