ANS: Question: jello?

> I am Not a vegetarian or vegan, but I know some.
> ...
> They ALL eat Jello!
> (By: Loretta B)


Hi Loretta,

If you want to show your vegan and vegetarian friends
something very interesting, go to your nearest health
food store and buy some VEGAN Jello-type dessert mixes.
These are made with vegetable gels and come out almost
exactly like Jello. Serve these to your friends, and
you will do at least three things at the same time:
1. let them know what Jello is made of,
2. let them know there are vegan substitutes for it,
3. let them know that you care about them!

[NOTE: Avoid Emes brand -- which have been found to be non-vegan]


(By: Chef Deb)

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