Question: How do I answer other peoples questions on veganism?

I have been a vegetarian for over a year now. Very recently I decided to go vegan. Since then everyone feels the need to question what I eat at every meal. I understand that they just want to understand, but I would never question a meat eaters choice of eating unhealthy food. They also question my portions sizes. Since being vegan I don\'t eat as much, because I the healthy foods actually fill me up. How do I go about answering people nicely but also get across the point that their questioning my eating habits is rude. Thank you so much for your help.
(By: Sarah)

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ANS: Question: How do I answer other peoples questions on veganism?

I just politely say that I eat everything that they eat except for meat, dairy, and eggs plus I eat many things that they do not eat. When they keep asking me what I eat, I use an old Jewish trick. I then ask them what they eat. Most people can not off hand tell you more that 20 things and most of those items will be flesh so I then say \"Ôs that all that you eat\". I then go one to show them how unhealthy a diet of almost all flesh is. So I have turned it from what do I eat to what do they eat.

Since most will not give up their flesh, I suggest that they just eat less of these unhealthy food choices. If they do cut back it saves animals lives.

Actually I do not think that it is rude for them to ask. I think that most have a concern for your health and are curious if you can actually live on a vegan diet. It also gives us a chance to discuss veganism.

(By: Doc)

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