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Here is an idea:
Get some LightLife or other vegan 'turkey' slices.
Make a batch of vegan 'turkey-style' gravy.
Heat the slices gently in the gravy.
Serve with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, peas in
'butter' sauce (use margarine), apple pie, etc.

They will be amazed.

[99 out of 100 omnis love this.]

> My mother-in-law let me know that the family would actually come to our
> house for Thanksgiving, which is great, but that she may bring turkey for
> her brother's girlfriend who won't hear of a Thanksgiving Dinner without
> it. We are vegetarian trying hard to do away with all dairy in our diet
> (almost there). This has become a pattern. My husband's sister visited two
> years ago and she too asked that we made sure there was meat for her in our
> fridge. What is the best way to address this without antagonizing anyone? I
> just do not want meat in my fridge ever. I would never go to someone's
> house and tell them what to buy. How do I put it?
> (By: Carine)

(By: Chef Deb)

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