Is MSG Vegan-Friendly?

> Is monosodium glutamate vegan friendly?
> (By: meagan)


That depends on how you define "friendly". MSG is usually extracted from vegetable matter, either seaweed, mushrooms, beets, or any of a number of other sources. However, MSG can cause health problems. It is an "excitotoxin", and is not a healthful food additive. MSG can cause headaches, skin irritations, and many other symptoms (sometimes called "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome", because some restaurants use so much MSG in their food). Even if MSG is technically vegan, you might be wise to avoid it as much as possible. It is used as a "flavor enhancer" in many processed foods, and is often disguised on the labels by calling it other names. If you avoid most processed foods, you will be avoiding a lot of MSG.

So... Yes, MSG is usually vegan, but it isn't good for you.
(By: Chef Deb)

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