Problem Gaining Weight During Pregnancy

I am currently pregnant with my second child. I am 14 weeks along and feel very sick. I feel nauseous and weak all the time, wake up at night due to the nausea, and have been unable to gain any weight. I am currently at my pre-pregnancy weight. (I am 135 lb and 5' 4").

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had the same problem, only it was worse. By the beginning of the end of the second trimester, I had lost 8 lbs. Yet by week 20, the nausea began to go away and by week 36, I'd gained 27 lb! I had a healthy, 8 lb 11 oz baby boy. He is now 2 1/2 and doing great.

This time, I would really like to have a healthier pregnancy with gradual, stable weight gain, less nausea, and more energy. I'm encouraged by the fact that I haven't actually lost weight. But it's difficult to get the best nutrition. My vegan prenatal vitamins upset my stomach and so does brewer's yeast and algae-derived DHA.

I've tried every vegan anti-nausea cure I've come across. The only thing that works is ipecacuanha, which reduces the hypersalivation related to my nausea.

In any case, I had several blood tests done during my last pregnancy and all of my levels were normal. I'm using a midwife this time, but during my last pregnancy my doctors could find nothing wrong that would cause weight loss or excess nausea. My diet is balanced and varied - I make sure to eat lots of almond milk, fortified cereals, beans, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. I take a calcium supplement. Yet I'm so nauseous and tired that I have a hard time doing anything. I'm even afraid to leave the house, since I've occasionally lost my lunch in public.

Please help!
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