Do hens get upset when their eggs are taken away from them?

Do cows get upset when they get milked?

(By: Betty Vaz)

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Hi Betty,

When I was in high school we raised chickens. Yes, the hens got very upset when we took their eggs. We were often pecked doing it.

I can not answer your question about the cows. I do know if they are not milked their utters get very sore. So they either need to be milked or sucked on by their calfs. The latter is the normal way to get rid of the milk. For humans to drink the milk is not normal.

Any animal gets upset if their young is threatened. They will even go after a preditor to protect their young. It is as normal as a human mother protect their childrens.

(By: Doc)

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Just like to add that if cows are able to be milked that means that recently they give birth and the calf was taken away. The mother grieves the loss of her calf for a long time, so she is indirectly unhappy being milked. The cows do need to be milked at this point, but I'm sure they would prefer to have the loving experience of giving sustenance to their baby rather than the impersonal experience of a machine being attached to them.

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