ANS: Question: my car with leather seats!

Different people have different views on how to deal with these issues and their views also may change over time. I know some that continue to use the leather that they have but do not buy any more in the future. The argument being that at least you are using the product to the end of its life rather than wasting it.

Others will donate products (such as a leather coat) to family or friends but some don't want to be promoting the products so they may donate them to a not-for-profit or Goodwill instead.

In your specific case this is a higher priced item that is harder to part with instantly and most vegans would understand that. The fact that you recognize the issue already shows commitment to vegan issues.

You could maybe get some seat covers to put over your seats and if it comes up in conversation you can explain that you plan on avoiding leather in your next car but that you are covering them up so that you are not promoting them to others in the meantime.

> I am in the process of transitioning to veganism (I just went through my
> kitchen and tomorrow is my clothing and cosmetics day) and have been
> thinking for the past few weeks about my car. It has leather seats. We
> bought it used, but the leather is making me feel like I am being
> hypocritical every single time I get in the car, besides the fact that I
> have to acknowledge and mourn for the wonderful creatures that died for my
> car seats, as well. However, I am not sure if we could sell the car right
> now - we probably owe too much on it to be able to pay it off by selling at
> this point. I'm not sure what to do, although we are looking into making
> the selling happen and getting a car that is both more eco-friendly as well
> as not having the glaring issue of leather seats, if we can't, I just
> don't know how to deal with it, especially once I get involved in the
> vegan community and have possible new friends that may drive in my car, but
> even just seeing it, they will know it has leather...
> anyone have any advice??
> (By: Elizabeth )

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