ANS: Question What to expect concerning weight loss when beginning vegan diet?

Hello Dminor,

Congratulations! First, I believe that you will loose some weight. Second, I believe that you will increase stamina. Third, I think that you may have a period of adjustment where your body will be a little out of normal for a few weeks. That is nothing to worry about and it does not happen to everyone. When you get adjusted to a vegan diet you should be very happy with the results.

As far as support groups, I would recommend VEGAN 2050. There are several very good places to go to within that web site. VEGAN Mailing List is probably the best place to go for support and to learn more about veganism. VEGAN Resource Library has some excellent articles in it. I will soon have a vegan blog on VEGAN 2050. Of course VEGAN Q & A will give you answers to your questions.


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