I'm interested in becoming a Vegan and, consequently, have been talking to friends about it. One friend, in particular, asked me a question I can't seem to answer or find information on, even after extensively searching the internet. She wants to know if a plant-based diet is TRULY Vegan/safe/meat free if the plants we eat have been fertilized with animal manure. If a cow's wastes are being used in manure, isn't that, in a sense, transferring animal products into our systems when we eat these plants?

(By: Kim)

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Kim, it is impossible to be a 100% vegan perfect in our society. All we could do is to be as good as we can without being stuck in our homes all day long. Roads and car tires have animal products in them. There are also animal products in so many things. We just do our best and hopefully in the future there will be no animal products in anything.

I do not believe that any animal products get in fruits and veggies. Even if it did it would still be far less than what we would get if we ate anything non-vegan.

(By: Doc)

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