Diseases and veganism

I have been a vegetarian for a long time, but recently decided I can't tolerate eating dairy and eggs anymore if it means animal abuse. I am trying to switch to a vegan diet, but I have ulcerative colitis, so I have a hard time digesting whole grains and other whole foods which are healthy for most people. I have been having stomach aches ever since I stopped eating dairy. What should I do??
(By: Jane)

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ANS: Diseases and veganism

Until I became a vegan about 14 years ago, I also had colitis. To my surprise I no longer have a problem with it. There are so many things that you can eat. Please try tofu. It is high in protein but low in the things that you want to be low. You can also cook rice and other grains. Try new ideas and go to a web site like <http://vegweb.com> for thousands of great recipes and food ideas. Once you make a successful transition to veganism I believe that you will see a great improvement in your colitis just as I did. If we mentors can be of more help, just ask. We are here to help. Also thanks for making a commitment to help the animals.

(By: Doc)

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Category: Becoming a vegan