ANS: Question: Do Meditation


practice meditation...
no medicines, no doctors.
just be with your normal natural breath.

> Thos is Priya i had a seviour pain two weeks back at that time i suffered
> with vomitings and giddiness,that i could not able to be a normal woman and
> i am forgetting some past days,this situation before i took restrill and
> some sleeping pills more,now also i am forgetting and suffering with pain
> at my brain,when i am crying also i am getting seviour pain,after this
> situation happend now i a not using sleeping pills,but i am having that
> pain syptoms,could u please tell me this is related to any disease and may
> i get any problem due to sleeping pills.and tell me this is symptoms to any
> brain diseases.i am waiting for your feed back please forward me
> immediately.
> (By: priya)

(By: Deepak)

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