> I buy Aveda products that are known for their plant ingredients! In one of
> the products though is Honey/Mel. I am assuming they take it from the
> plants not the bees. Is there a way you can tell me because I am not able
> to reach Aveda for this question their site does not indicate contact
> info!
> Love,
> Rosa
> (By: Rosa)

Honey is one of those products that some vegans avoid and others are okay with. Some people may use honey only from certain vendors, such as a local bee farm.

Honey does not come from the plants. Bees may use plants to make honey in a hive or man-made nest. In a large company the bees may not be using plants at all.

The controversy comes because bees are making honey to use as their own food source and the question is should we be taking their food from them. Also, in some organizations they will kill some of the bees. Also, chemicals may be used to make the bees more calm so this is not natural either.

On your road to veganism, each of us is in a different place in our journey. You have to decide how you feel on this issue and as you make your journey you may change your views on many issues along the way, including this one.

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