ANS: Question: Bones ache

> Hello, I'm vegan since June 21. It's been about 2 months and it's going
> well, but lately my bones have started to ache and occasionally I wake up
> at night because my arm has fallen asleep. Is this normal? I keep
> wondering if it's vitamin deficiency or some sort of detox.
> Does anyone know of a vegan nutritionist in the Los Angeles area?
> (By: Jackie)

I hope you had success finding someone in LA to see. I have never heard of any of my many vegan friends experiencing these kinds of systems. It seems to me that it would be way too early to have any sort of vitamin deficiency from a change in diet. You would have to be eating very little variety and it would take much longer to deplete the vitamins in your body, I would think. It's possible that you could be having detox symptoms which I would hope would be gone by now. Let us know if you have an update.

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