ANS: What do I need to know in order to successfully become vegan?

Hi Mary,

Great decision!

There is a wealth of information on the internet about all aspects of veganism. For example, a list of food ingredients derived from animal products can be found here:

But beyond the internet, I'd really recommend getting in touch with your local vegan society or group, who can offer help, support, and, in particular, will know about vegan matters in your area (where to shop, places to eat out, etc.). I don't know where in the world you hail from, but a good starting point is the UK vegan society page (, which has links to vegan societies in other countries, who should in turn know about local groups.

There are also a number of email discussion lists and forums filled with people who can help, including several on, and the list connected with this website:

What else...Oh, if you don't like soya milk (and you're not alone!), have you tried other alternatives? Oat milk is not bad, whilst my favourites are rice-based milks, such as Rice-Dream.

Hope that helps a little,


> I have been vegetarian for about 4-5 years now and I am ready to go vegan.
> The only thing is that I made the decision to go vegetarian pretty young
> without a lot of knowledge of hidden animals products in a bunch of foods
> at the supermarket, etc. I started learning of this stuff recently and I
> am not sure how to know what has animal products and what doesn't. I
> guess I am looking for this type of information and also just generally
> helpful suggestions so I can take the next step towards being vegan. Oh,
> and I was wondering if there were any good brands of soy milk? I've tried
> Silk and a couple other brands and I can't say I am too fond of it so far.
> I did have one brand that I like, I think it was called Pacific
> something-or-other but if there is anything else that is good it would be
> helpful for me :) Thanks!!!
> (By: Mary)

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