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Hi Kim,

That's a question with no easy answer, I'm afraid. Strictly-speaking, to be vegan means to use and consume no animal products, which therefore includes even the merest hint of milk or egg. However, practically, you'll find it impossible to always avoid all animal products at all times (let alone never killing, say, the occasional fly on your windscreen) - so the avoiding of all animal products always is to my mind at least more of an ideal to be sought after than something one can ever truly achieve.

But to answer your question, I think most vegans would probably try to avoid traces of milk and eggs in products. Some would probably also avoid products made on equipment where milk and eggs were used, though personally I don't tend to - after all, quite often a manufacturer doesn't bother telling you this, so you can never be certain anyway.

The best advice I can offer, really, is to do as much as you think you can do - after all, veganism is the 'attempt to reduce suffering through avoidance of animal products so far as is possible and practical', and it is better to be almost entirely vegan all of the time than tie yourself up with guilt because you consumed a trace of egg and then give up being vegan because it is too hard.

Hope that helps a little,


> I went vegan about a week ago and I've been very pleased with myself and
> with the variety of delicious things that there are to eat, but is it
> necessary to stay away from items that were processed on equipment with
> milk and eggs or that may contain traces of milk??
> (By: Kim)

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