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Wholefoods Market would have them, if anyone. They are a large chain throughout North America and the UK. They are not just vegan but have vegan products like Earth Balance Soy Butter, which is expeller pressed. This is the process in which an oil is extracted from a base by mechanically crushing and pressing the material at temperatures less than 220 degrees Fahrenheit and typically worked at 90 degrees Farenheit.
All cold pressed oils are expeller pressed. But all expeller pressed oils are not necessarily cold pressed. It all has to do with temperature.
I really like Earth Balance products. I just made a pie from their soy shortening and it turned out quite nice.
If you don't have a Wholefoods Market near you, and your local health food store doesn't have these products then you might be able to order them from an e-store. I don't know off hand where, but you could Google it.

Hope that helps.

> Hello vegan friends,
> I am looking for 1) where to buy cold pressed oils, organic if possible 2)
> a cold pressed oil mayonnaise and 3) a buttery spread made from
> cold-pressed oils.
> Any recommendations?
> Regards
> Annette
> (By: Dr. Annette Brians)

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