Stupid Questions

Lately we have received several troll messages like talking about their teeth falling out since they became a vegan. There have been many other troll messages. First, only a junk vegan diet is harmful to a vegan. A good vegan diet is either the best diet or among the best depending on who you believe. It does not cause teeth falling out nor any of the other thing that some try to post. Eating only one veggie will cause health problems and that would be no different than eating ONLY chicken. Our mentors will be happy answering real questions about veganism but we will not only not answer phony posts but I will not even post those kind of posts. So if you are an immature flesh eater and thinks that you can post these stupid posts and get them posted, you are very mistaken. I will be the only one that reads them and then I will hit delete. You are the one that will be wasting your time.

Dr. Weseloh
(By: Doc)

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