Question: Cooked milk?

My husband who is not vegetarian or vegan continues to cook with pasturized milk and eggs. Like right now he is making french toast and recently i have switched to soy milk. He will not use soy milk, if the milk is cooked is that better than just drinking it? Or will it still contain like the pus, debris, and who knows what else.
(By: Jamie Reese)

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I am so glad that I found your blog today. About 8 weeks ago I went vegetarian (mostly Vegan with the expicteon of mozzarella cheese which I have no good reason for still wanting and eating) I had been breastfeeding my daughter for the past 8 months and when my milk supply changed and her sleeping habits changed I got worried, called my doctor and asked if it was about the vegetarian shift and I was basically chastised by every one. I became so worried that I was harming my baby I started eating meat and cheese again. The milk supply and the bad sleeping continued and I felt so angry that I had given up something that was making ME feel better. Thank you for re-inspiring me.
(By: Zha)

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Re: Question: Cooked milk?

As long as the milk is pasteurized it should not contain any dangerous bacteria. It may still contain artificial hormones, and could have cow epithelial (skin) cells or other kinds of cells in it.

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