I am a vegetarian and would like to be a vegan. I am told that there is no way to maintain healthy gut flora without yoghurt. Stopping yoghurt will bring in intestinal disease. How to get healthy gut bacteria without dairy products?
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I have to say that there are so many myths about food. Back in the 1800's it was the so called "snake oil" that was supposed to cure everything. Today it is 1,000's of items at your local health food store that says they will cure everything. The major difference today, compared with the snake oil, is that then they said that one bottle would cure everything and today they usually say theirs will cure one or and few problems. So take these claims as being nothing more, in most cases, than a lot of hype to make money for them. Generally a vegan only needs a vitamin B-12 supplement each day. I know that I do not need a multi-vitamin but I take one every day as an insurance policy. There may be one vitamin that is reduced in my body because of my heart medication or my prostate medication so I may need to supplement that vitamin. That is my only reason for taking a multi-vitamin. You need to decide if you are going to take one or not but please take B-12 everyday. We vegans, and many flesh eaters and vegetarians, also need it everyday.
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