Question: Hair Growth?

I've been vegan for four years now, however in the last two years my hair on my head has stopped growing. It has not grown a mm in years and though it is thinning as a result there is some new hair coming through, its mostly a length problem.

My doctor said it must have been the shock of changing my diet, but I've noticed doctors blame everything on veganism. I was a vegetarian for a decade before so it was a smooth transition to vegan and in every other respect I'm perfectly healthy.
After some research , I've discovered zinc is responsible for hair growth and is stored in the body for many years before depleted. If this is the case as I don't take supplements I've upped my almond intake, but to no avail.
Is this a common problem with vegans? Is there any other cure I can try.

Any advise is greatly welcomed.

Many thanks,
(By: Joey Doran)

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