Hi, I just beacame a vegan and i don't know what type of diet to maintain. What should i start off with?
(By: Ashley)

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One way is to take recipes that you are already used to preparing and veganizing them. For example, you can still make spaghetti without animal products. Try adding more vegetables and voila, a healthy and yummy meal. Another easy idea is to make some rice and add a variety of steamed vegetables and maybe some edamames for protein or another protein source. Mmmm, another one is your basic salad of romaine lettuce and veggies but then add some chick peas and/or sunflower seeds or walnuts. You can make a dressing with garlic, lemon, and olive oil with various herbs in it.

Start to experiment with foods you may not have used as much in the past such as tempeh, tofu, various beans or lentils. There are so many websites with vegan recipes.

For me I found the easiest way was to veganize meals that I'm used to and then once a week or so I would try a brand new recipe.

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