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I am 14 going into 9th grade and I was at the beach and someone handed me a vegan flyer and I'm really interested in becoming a vegan because the way the animals are treated is not morally right and then i watched food inc. When I was in 6th grade I asked my parents if I could be a vegetarian because I read an article about the cows and they said no because they think I will lose a lot of weight and have an unhealthy diet. I want to do this really badly and I can't take no for an answer. I can't do this on my own and I need them to help me eat right and buy vegan foods. I can cook for myself an everything but again I can't do it alone. What do I do if they say no? Or should I just not ask for permission and eat what I want without announcing it to everyone and hopefully they won't notice?
(By: sammy)

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Hello Sammy,

I thank you for your concern for animals. I see a dilemma. I want everyone to become a vegan so we can save the animals of the world but I also believe that children should respect their parents. I am almost sure that your parents will notice you trying to eat vegan. Instead, sit down with them and discuss the whole issue. Maybe you can convince them to allow you to become a vegan. Maybe you will have to compromise by cutting down on the amount of flesh, eggs, and dairy that you will eat. Maybe with a compromise they will allow you to become a vegetarian instead of a vegan. This is not a perfect solution but it is better than nothing. Your parents love you very much and they believe that a vegan diet is not safe for you. That is a common belief in this world. Actually they are right if you eat a junk vegan diet. That can be very dangerous. You need a well balanced diet with a vitamin B-12 supplement. A well balanced vegan diet is probably the best diet that anyone can have. You just need to do more research and pass that on to them. As you know, knowledge is very valuable.

Even if your parents never come to your understanding remember that in less than four years you will be 18 and you can eat whatever you want. In those three plus years you can do a lot of research. You can join VEGAN Mailing List, go to VEGAN 2050, read my blog (Doc's Blog), and do a Google for more sites. As far as recipes go to They have thousands of vegan recipes. You can also ask more questions on this site. Our mentors have no limit on the number of questions that you want to ask. Again thank you for awaking to the plight of the worlds animals.
(By: Doc)

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