Question: jello?

I am Not a vegetarian or vegan, but I know some. Two 'completely' avoid animal products (one is a friend, and the other is a resident at a shelter I cook for once a week, and I always make hummus for her!)and one (she is a client, and my concern is that she eats enough protein beans, dark green veggies and calcium -- she's not!), well, she mostly avoids meat, but occasionally eats a little poultry.

They ALL eat Jello! So, my question is, would any kind of vegetarian/vegan/whatever, really want to KNOW what Jello is made from? Would I be a friend or a fiend to tell them?
pls let me know.

(By: Loretta B)

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ANS: Question: jello?

Lorette, thank you for bringing up this subject. Veg'nism is not a religion so we are not dogmatic or at least we should not be.

Some vegans are what we call "junk vegans". They do not eat a good diet and instead they eat vegan junk. Frankly a junk vegan diet is far worse than the SAD (standard American diet). It is even worse than a junk flesh diet. On the other hand a good vegan diet is one of the best diets in the world if not the best. I am very sorry that your client is not eating a good veg'n diet.

If she eats some poultry she is not a veg'n. Eating any flesh is like saying that a woman only has sex once in a while and she calls herself a virgin. We call this kind of person a person that eats a mainly vegetarian diet.

It seems like you know that Jello is made of the bones, skins, and hoofs of horses, cows, and pigs. It is sad that they do not know.

I believe that they would want to know. At least any real veg'n would want to know. Thank you for your concern for these women.

(By: Doc)

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ANS: Question: jello?

> I am Not a vegetarian or vegan, but I know some.
> ...
> They ALL eat Jello!
> (By: Loretta B)


Hi Loretta,

If you want to show your vegan and vegetarian friends
something very interesting, go to your nearest health
food store and buy some VEGAN Jello-type dessert mixes.
These are made with vegetable gels and come out almost
exactly like Jello. Serve these to your friends, and
you will do at least three things at the same time:
1. let them know what Jello is made of,
2. let them know there are vegan substitutes for it,
3. let them know that you care about them!

[NOTE: Avoid Emes brand -- which have been found to be non-vegan]


(By: Chef Deb)

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