Are some people just 'made' to be vegetarians?

I am 50. Always been a meat eater like my Dad and uncles, but they passed from colorectal cancer.
I have always had a slow metabolism like them and irritable bowel syndrome.
I gave up red meat for lent and felt a lot better. Now since Jan. 1 I have been a vegetarian. Havent lost weight yet but digestion is better and belly still shrinking (very slowly).
Maybe I am geneticly programed to be a vegetarian and meat is harmfull to my system?
My buddy is the opposite-eats tons of meat but is very slim and healthy.
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Are some people just \'made\' to be vegetarians?

If you give up a food and you feel much better, that should tell you something important. Likewise, if you eat something new and it gives you trouble, that is important information too.

People who "can eat tons of rich food" and remain rail-thin are genetically unusual. We are designed to turn food into fuel and repair material for our bodies. When times were tough, people who couldn't put on weight were in big trouble. Those folks who could put on weight for the lean times survived, while the skinny folks often did not. It's just that nowadays, almost everything we do is automated, so people don't get as much exercise anymore, and it is much easier to gain weight.
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I eat little if any tofu. That idecunls the fake meats that many love to have as a main staple to their diet that is soy based.I eat pretty much what I have always eaten, but make it without the meat. Sounds difficult? It isn't.Something like a stuffed bell pepper is usually stuffed with meat. I instead go for rice and veggies with a tomato base sauce over it.Soups are no problem. Vegetable soups are easy. Go just with the veggies or add grains such as barley to them to add more nutritional value to them. There are also tomato based soups.A baked potato is not just a side dish. You can add all sorts of things on top of it. Broccoli, sauteed veggies of all sorts bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, onions, cilantro, parsley only limited by your imagination or personal tastes. You can even bake them ahead of time which saves on wasted energy and have them ready for you when you get home from work or school to be warmed up.I even have a traditional Italian sauce that is carrot based for pasta dishes. Vareity is not a problem.Kabobs that have veggies, mushrooms that you like on them a total treat that I have never had any to refuse.Mushrooms are fabulous, the variety is more than many people know. Stuff them, broil them, add them to other things. With the things that they have found out recently about capers, you might want to think about adding them to your salad or other dishes.Cold salads with pasta, grains, or just the veggies another wonderful experience for the palate.The things that you can do with a rice dish again only limited by your personal taste. You can go from main dish to dessert with this versitile grain.Baked apples, fruit salads, or just plain fruit a healthy addition to a balanced diet.Whole grain breads of different variety of grains is something else that I would suggest. Pumpernickle, rye, sour dough are great. Something as simple as switching over to a pita bread can bring variety to something that you may not have considered.You can juice, you can make fruit smoothies for quick fixes and treats. My suggestion is always for people to go with what they eat now and see how they can adapt and adjust what they already know and like to fit within a healthy diet. Reason that I suggest this is because you already have most if not all of what you need on hand and the outlay of money is not going to be a big bite out of the budget.If such is more than you can handle, or you just are not convident enough to do such I strongly suggest talking to a good dietician/nutritionist and getting their helpful insights. They not only will help you to know if what you are eating is meeting all your dietary needs, they can help you with formating a grocery list to make sure that you get all the things that you will need to have a healthy diet.Last but not least know that spices are your best friend. Learning about them and how to best use them in cooking is something that is going to make what you eat either something that you really enjoy or something that you just do and make do with. When you get comfortable, start trying new things. Add to what you already know. I suggest going to the library and getting cookbooks to see if the cookbook is something that you want to invest your hard earned money in buying. If it is filled with ingredients that are hard to find, foods that you really are not suited to your personal taste matters not if everyone else loves it.There are websites but I have found that many of the sites will rave about some dish that many times comes from an ethnic taste that you might not be familiar with and ingredients that are not easy to find. So make sure when searching such sites on the web that they are things that you can find easy or at least order.Again, can't say it enough. At first, I would suggest going with what you know. Helps to keep the budget down. Add the ingredients that you think that you might need as you need them easier than a massive outlay of monies on things all at once.
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