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Just to start I don\'t know a whole lot about vegans. I know what there is to eat and what\'s not to eat thanks to my friend who is vegan. She is the reason I am asking a question on here.
The club we are both in is having a christmas party where everyone will be bringing food. As president I\'ve encouraged everyone to veganize their dish so that she can participate in eating.
So here is my question- I\'ve found a recipe that\'s not vegan but can I easily use substitutes or will that mess up how the dish turns out? Also concerned about allergies and cost of items.
(By: Chloe)

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This is a tough question to answer. My best advice is to run each variation to a recipe by your friend. Some changes will work out great but others may not. We have substitutions for eggs, dairy, and of course "meat". Most can be changed with no problem. Right now there is only one item that does not work out very well. That is cheese. Companies just can not get that one right. Some substitutions are very inexpensive like applesauce for eggs but others are expensive like most imitation meats. Since vegan food is just food that you as a non-vegan would normally eat there should be no problem eating any of it unless you have an alergy to an ingredient that could be in an non-vegan meal. A non-vegan can eat vegan food but a vegan can not eat non-vegan food.

Many years ago I went to a party given in my honor at a church. Everything was supposed to be vegetarian (I was a vegetarian back then). I ate some bread that was excellent. I ask my girlfriend to see if she could get the recipe. She came back with it but I was shocked. The person made it with lard which of course was not vegetarian. This is the problem with a veg'n eating anywhere that food is served that is not made by someone very knowledgable in what is veg'n and what is not. So please do not be surprised if she does not eat some of the food unless it has been run by her before hand. With this said I wanted to thank you and your club for being considerate of her. That in itself will mean so much to her. Vegans are not treated very well generally by society. Thank you very much for what you are doing for her.

(By: Doc)

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