Question: I feel so sick after 4 days of veganism

I have been vegetarian for 3 years, I didn't use much dairy except for cheese on a regular basis and some butter. I decided to go vegan because of the overwhelmingly abundant information and proof that a vegan diet is healthiest, and because I love animals and I know how unfairly they are treated. I have been completely vegan for 4 almost 5 days now, and I feel sooooo sick. My throat hurts, I ache, I get dizzy when I stand up, I'm fatigued. I am wondering if it's just the cleansing process? I know I am doing it right, I have read many books on natural hygiene and veganism. I eat fruit in the morning, fresh and cooked veggies, complex carbs, beans, nuts and drink filtured water. I am 21 and don't have any health issues, I work out 3 to 5 days a week. I just didn'y expect to feel this bad I am just wondering what your opinion is.
(By: Sarah )

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ANS: Question: I feel so sick after 4 days of veganism

Hi Sarah,

I think that you have the flu. It sounds like you are eating a good vegan diet, that plus the fact that you were eating very little dairy, says that it must be something else. Your symptoms are those of the flu. You can varify this by seeing your doctor. There is no way that a vegan diet would cause these symptoms unless you had a strong alergy to something that you are eating. This would be very odd since a vegetarian diet has the same foods except for eggs and dairy that a vegan diet has. So I doubt that you added anything new to your diet.

(By: Doc)

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