I know I might sound crazy but I have been trying to
eat a vegan diet...well I fell off of it a few times and
when I did I broke out in a terriable rash...maining at the
top of my legs and on I crazy or is it the meat
or something in it? the only time I am not itchy is when
I stay away from any kind of animal product? Have you ever
heard of such a thing?
(By: soo )

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ANS: Question:

It may not be as crazy as you think. If someone has an alergy to something the main treatment is to desensitize the person by injecting them with small amounts of what they are alergic to. Then they start increasing that dosage. If they stop taking the injections they go back to where they were before. In your case you may have developed an immunity to what you were alergic to and being on a vegan diet eliminated that imunity. Remember when babies are first introduced to the eating the flesh of animals and cows milk they have an alergic reaction. It usually comes out as diarhea. They finally develop an immunity to these foods.

So if you are going to go back to eating the flesh of animals then expect a period of time for these symptions to continue. For the sake of the animals I hope that you continue on a vegan diet.

(By: Doc)

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