I would just like to preface all this by saying I am a vegan. I am just very ravenous for some satisfying herbivorous answer snacks!

Not all calves are destined for slaughter. What are the lucky ones fed if their mommas’ milk is being slurped up by humans?

The PETA website mentioned that many cruel practices “…also take place at MANY free “range farms”.” But by that I understand that you we cannot condemn all free-range farms as cruel right? Someone must follow the rules and not be posting false claims, isn’t that so? Doesn’t this mean that if all free-range farms did follow the rules and treat their animals fairly, this could not be considered inhumane treatment? Is not the answer then more so an increased tightening of genuine free-range regulations?

Oh I see… yes now I remember the artificial insemination aspect. Yes, that is undoubtedly cruel. But what would become if cows just permitted to be cows? By this I mean it is a horribly sad fact that cows exist as generally defenseless milk-producing, gentle, sweet tubs. What is the alternative? Set them wild? I don’t have to tell you that they’d be doomed. Who can afford to keep cows on acres of fields where they can romp and play, if they are not turning a profit? Would not freeing cows, honestly forsaking them, be cruel too as they would just not have any of the vital survival instincts? Is not keeping cows on genuine free-range, non-cruelty farms, unfortunately robbing them of their milk, keeping their calves alive in whatever method is used to keep alive the calves not destined for slaughter – the lesser of two evils? I do not think there is a preciously obvious solution, but are not just free-range farms the somewhat muddied quartz resolution? I realize it is a sad dilemma – damn domestication, so many years past.

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Actually they are not the lucky ones. They are fed on their mothers milk until they are old enough to eat solid foods. When they are raised to provide milk they are kept pregnant and kept in very small pens where they can not turn around in most cases. When their milk production goes down they are slaughtered. So they are not the lucky ones.

Free range eggs are still part of the horror. Male chicks are slaughtered because they only want females. Males can not lay eggs. Like the cows, the hens also have very small cages. Even the free range chickens are slaughtered when their egg production drops.

It would be nice to have all cows freed but that is not going to happen. For that reason there would be no need to have the cows kept until death. As people stop consuming dairy the demand goes down and thus the number of cows decrease. They just keep slaughtering those cows that are not needed.

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