Are vegans known to have calcium problems?

I recently went vegan a few months ago and instantly went to work to find out everything I could about veganism so I could defend myself. I have almost all of my bases covered so I can answer all my omni family's well meaning concerns for my health, but one issue has recently come up that has me baffled. I just had to have some fillings put in for some cavities in my teeth. I don't think this had to do with my diet, but it has my family all in a tizzy. They did some research about a vegan diet in relation to teeth health and found that healthy teeth has become a big problem with vegans. I have been researching this diligently and found all kinds of opinions from "just eat more greens and calcium enriched soy products" to "a vegan diet ruined my child's teeth". I am torn over this and worried about the future health of my teeth! Help!
(By: Emily)

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Are vegans known to have calcium problems?

Emily, thanks for making the decision to become a vegan. Those answering questions on VEGAN Q & A would love to answering any of your questions. As for this question I will say this: vegans that have a good vegan diet do not have more problems than flesh eaters. A junk vegan diet COULD cause you problems with your teeth plus many other health problems. A junk vegan diet is probably the worse diet that anyone can eat. It is even worse than a junk flesh eaters diet. On the other hand a good vegan diet is probably the best diet that one can eat. I am 69 and have been a vegetarian for over 43 years and of those, the last 14 years have been vegan. For my age my health is far better than others of the same age.

Please understand that flesh eaters will say anything to get you to quit being a vegan. Shortly after becoming a vegetarian I was able to get my college to instute a nutrution course for the biology requirement. The prof made a statement that vegetarians will have many health problems and strict vegetarians (vegans) will not live more than few years unless they become almost a scientist so they can balance everything. Of course I took issue with the prof. After several studies she came back with an appology to the class and admitted that she was wrong.
She admitted that vegetarians could live a healthy life but she increased what she said about vegans. She now said vegans could live up to 10 years unless they were almost scientists. I did not defend vegans because I thought that they were too strict. I just did not know the truth.

There are those that have been vegan all of their lives and are very healthy with excellent teath. If you join VEGAN Mailing List you will meet Lu and others that are around my age and have been vegan all their lives or at least 50 years. I think Lu is older than me and she is in excellent health. Vegans with a good diet have better health than a vegetarian or a flesh eater.

I hope that this helps and feel free to ask us any other questions that you have.

(By: Doc)

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