Question: Specific Vegan Shoe Needs

I have been a vegan for over a three years and until now have been able to wear the same pairs of chucks and new balances. The problem now is that I have recently gotten a job at a law firm which requires me to wear dress shoes; the bigger problem is that I wear size 16 shoes. I have not been able to find any vegan dress shoes in that size and I was wondering if there are any options online to find a suitable vegan shoe for such a large man as myself or if you know of any other options opposed to wearing leather shoes?
(By: Martin)

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ANS: Question: Specific Vegan Shoe Needs

Martin, I would suggest going to Payless Shoes. They have many marked "man made materials". They are usually less expensive than leather shoes and very good. The least expensive non-leather shoes do not breath so the may be a little uncomfortable in the summer but they should feel great in the winter. There are now man made shoes that breath but they are more expensive and they are not sold at Payless Shoes. At least they are not selling them yet. BTW, from the reports that I have read, they last longer than leather shoes and even last longer. There are several companies that now sell vegan shoes on the Internet. Just do an Internet search.

If you still have trouble finding vegan shoes in your size than go to a thrift shop and buy a used pair of leather shoes. It is not a great answer but it is at least better than buying a new pair of leather shoes. Hopefully you will find a pair of vegan shoes at Payless Shoes or online.


(By: Doc)

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