Question: Are acrylics nails vegan

It's probably a stupid question, but are they vegan? I don't mean the plastic ones you buy and stick on yourself with nail glue, I mean the ones that they make with that gel stuff and shape it onto your nail. I am not including the nailpolish or anything else they use after, just the acrylics.
I havn't had acrylics since I became vegan a year ago because I was never sure. I can't find any information on it and if I ask the people who do acrylic nails, they never seem to know what vegan is etc..
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ANS: Question: Are acrylics nails vegan

I have been wondering this for quite some time and still can't find out for sure. What I do know so far is that acrylic nails are made many different ways with a wide variety of ingredients. They all have chemicals in their construction (some highly toxic). Whenever there are a lot of unusual ingredients, including chemicals, there is a high chance that something may have an animal component in it. I would avoid acrylic nails for the toxicity reasons alone.

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