Welcome to VEGAN Q & A.  We are here for you!

Why this Program

This free service was created because we at VEGAN felt that there was a need for a mentoring program to help new vegans, those interested in learning more about veganism, and students doing reports on veganism.

In the past, when a person decided to become a vegan, they usually had no one to help them with questions about things that become second nature after one has been vegan for a period of time.  Yes, there are books, lectures, web sites, and mailing lists, but no one to answer questions.

There are also vegans who would love to give information to new vegans or those just interested in veganism.  Now there is a program that will be of interest to both.  One learns while the other shares.

Anyone will be able to ask a question by just clicking on http://veganquestions.etikweb.com.  You will be asked to answer a simple question in order to stop spammers.  Then you can ask your question.  Only qualified mentors will be allowed to answer questions. Anyone can read the site without having to ask a question.

To those looking for answers

If you have questions, we will have mentors to answer them.  You can ask any question about veganism, the environment, and health. Every mentor will not answer every question.  Often one mentor will give a great answer so no other mentor will feel the need to add anything more.

Other times, there will be several answers to a question because the mentors will feel a need to add more to the answer.  The mentors can also recommend supermarkets, restaurants, groups, and events that are vegan-friendly in your area.  Remember that this is a world-wide program and not just for those in the USA.  We only require that your questions are in English.

To become a mentor

We can always use additional vegans to serve as mentors.  You need not be an expert on veganism but you do need to be knowledgeable; caring, helpful, and willing to offer encouragement and support to those new to veganism.  To sign up as a mentor contact us.  Please include something about yourself including the length of time that you have been a vegan.

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